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Czechs to be responsible for radar-tied damage in certain cases

19.5.2008 - Czech Press Agency (CTK)
Prague - The Czech Republic will be responsible for the operation of the planned U.S. radar on Czech soil, this is what ensues from the Czech Foreign Ministry's information CTK has acquired.

According to the main treaty on the radar, the Czechs would be responsible for damage arising from its conduct or omission. In other cases, responsibility for the radar operation will rest with the Americans.

Theoretically, the Czechs might be responsible for a mistake made by an air traffic ground controller who would, for instance, mistakenly navigate a plane to the no-fly zone and the plane's apparatuses broke down over the radar.


The Foreign Ministry says claims for and compensation of the damage are also to be treated by the SOFA bilateral treaty that the Defence Ministry is still negotiating about with the United States. SOFA defines the conditions of the U.S. soldiers' stay in the Czech Republic.

The major treaty that sets conditions for the installation of the anti-missile radar has already been completed. The ministry has not provided the precise wording of the treaty because it is classified.


The U.S. Congress House of Representatives today recommended to cut spending on the anti-missile defence, saying it is necessary to wait for approval of the bases by the Czech Republic and Poland.


Source (Czech): Czech Press Agency (CTK), 15.05.2008 


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