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Prague activists stage hunger protest against planned U.S. base

19.5.2008 - The Prague Post
Humanist movement members Jan Tamáš and Jan Bednář are taking their protest of the planned U.S. radar base on Czech soil to a new level this week. After two years of anti-base activism that included numerous marches and an online petition, they are now staging a hunger strike to urge the government to stop radar base negotiations with the United States and to hold a public referendum on the issue.

The strike, which started May 13, is being held at a Prague 2 headquarters, complete with anti-armament exhibits, free information pamphlets and a small living space.

Tamáš, a Prague IT consultant, and Bednář, a graphic designer, are both members of the No Bases Initiative, and are staging the protest with the help of Humanist movement volunteers. During the strike they’ll be living onsite, posting daily Web updates and welcoming the public to stop by and discuss the issue.

At the same time, solidarity strikes and other protest activities are being held by peace organizations in Turin, Milan, Rome, Berlin, Budapest and Copenhagen.

Tamáš hopes the strike will last into June, when Czech and U.S. officials are expected to sign a treaty to build the radar base as an extension of the European missile-defense shield 90 miles southwest of Prague.

On the eve of the hunger strike, The Prague Post stopped by headquarters to talk with Tamáš about his motivations for the protest, and what he hopes his personal sacrifice will achieve.


Source (Czech): Hiss, Kimberly. Radar strike. The Prague Post 14.5.2008

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